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Care Tire
Car Rims

Four Tire Replacement

Our most popular service!

We come to your home or business to replace all four tires on your vehicle! Mounted using industry preferred rim-clamp machines, with nylon contact points to keep your wheels looking great. Tires are inflated to spec, and computer balanced using new adhesive or clamp-on wheel weights. Wheels are re-installed and torqued to spec.

This service is for new tire replacement, a used set you need installed, or your seasonal tire changeover.

Normally $138, but current promotion drops it to $118 for all 4 tires!

Four Tire Rotation

Keep your tires wearing great!

We all know we are supposed to rotate our tires to keep them lasting as long as possible, but who has time for that? We do! We come to your home or business to rotate your tires, inflate & torque to spec. If there are any concerns about your tire's condition, we will let you know.  Only $50!

Upgrading Rims? Damaged Wheels?

No Problem!

If it is time to enhance the look of your vehicle, we are happy to help with mounting aftermarket rims & tires. No extra charge with service!

Bent wheel? Curb rash? We are happy to help you source a replacement wheel and get you rolling smooth once again.

Care Tire

Flat Repair

Professional patch/plug

Run over a nail?  No worries.  We will come to your location to install a professional, internal patch/plug on your tire.  Slow leaks from dirty/corroded beads & bad valve stems also repairable.

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